Where'd The Donations Go?

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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A Chauvin woman is being accused of pocketing donations made in support of another local woman currently battling cancer.

For the sake of this story, we'll identify her, the suspect as 'Brandi.' Brandi, (I'm not sure why but I really dislike girls named Brandi) used her popularity and influence with a local carnival club to swindle other members of cash and gifts under the guise that all collections were to support the woman currently battling the fight of her life. The cash and gifts were reportedly to be used to enhance and make elaborate the sick woman's 2016 Christmas. But the cash nor gifts ever came.

On numerous occasions, Brandi bragged to others of having "thousands of dollars in this envelope, with more to pick up." In the weeks leading up to Christmas though, Brandi began ducking calls from the victim like an overweight kid in an elementary school dodgeball game. She avoided text messages like Martin Folse avoids the Road Runner gas station. And when asked to apologize to her victim in the comment section of a recent Facebook post for her lies and theft, Brandi replied with "no explanation is necessary. Thanks though for your concern."

But an explanation is necessary. Just ask the 27 females (wolves) that picked Brandi apart like a Boston butt pork roast at grandma's after church on Sunday. The pack of savages went all out in their vicious assault. "Wow she's that dumb !!!" typed one commenter. "She's a liar. Had my own experience a long time ago. That is unbelievable!!!!" said another. "well this makes me want to throats punch a bitch" and "What a worthless cunt" typed others. The barrage of comments caused a mass involuntary exodus of members from Brandi's friends list before finally sending her into what could be a permanent Facebook hibernation.

To make things more interesting local authorities claim that since no checks were issued as donations that Brandi is free to walk away from this atrocity unscathed. However, the verdict from the court of public opinion reads 'Guilty As Charged.'

We're not sure what Brandi did with the money, or if she even ever had it all. Her and her fiancé have both recently purchased new vehicles, and she's sporting what appears to be a 2 carat cubic zirconia engagement ring.

We hope that Brandi does the right thing and comes forth with either the remaining funds that were collected or the truth. We hope that can she can identify within herself the pain and grief that she has caused this family. At the same time we'd like to wish the victim all the best in her battle with this terrible disease. The thoughts and prayers of an entire community are always with her and we hope the demented episode described above does not have a hindrance on others' liking to help people in need in the future.

Editors Note: Obviously, and sadly like so many others Brandi mistakingly thought that she had an online safe-space absent the possibility of being exposed and ridiculed for her actions. She assumed that regardless of what she did no one would ever throw her under the bus, and she tried using that to her advantage. She misled a lot of people and had them believing all her lies. In the end she's going to hate that she did this. And that's our goal.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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