BTS Group car accident caused controversy.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Inform viewers and spectators on a great tragedy, a few hours ago K-pop BTS -Group of Seoul- suffered a car accident caused by a group of people who still not know, such occurred causing the leak.
This happened around 6 pm, where BTS finished finalizing a Comeback before heading to an interview. It can be reported that the authorities are aware of every movement and information, it is said that this catastrophic accident was no coincidence, say social networks such as known; BTS state being attacked and abused by Anti-fans hate ensuring that group. This information came to police who are conducting an investigation to sources where they say have planned an outrageous act to harm even if it was possible to kill a member.
I must emphasize that this information is not 100 sure, what I emphasize "Authorities are investigating the issue."

Returning with members were seriously injured but only one of them was in extremely critical condition and critical, so they were taken to the nearest hospital in the area, Asan Medical Center, where noteworthy that were received quickly and brought to treatment and care.
Jungkook, the youngest member, was transferred to intensive care where badly he was treated, medical operating informed Park Suengjae -man part of Staff who was driving the car, and thanks bye was just diagnosed to try a little his wounds leves- the state of this young man was critical, as would the best attention and forces to achieve restore it and save it.
Other young people are being cured and lovingly cared for by doctors who say they have nothing too serious that their lives are at risk. Family were cited as the time who were known to shortest distance.

Unfortunately we have to report that we received data from one of the members, Jungkook; who he was the most serious. Unfortunately he was treated while operating reported that his condition was too weak to which the young man could not endure for more than pleased. I want to try to say that until now the young man lived, they failed to save him terribly so they lost.
This news reached the media too fast to which the waiting room, where parents waited so recently deceased to expect such news desbastadora- was invaded by people and TV drivers also were informed by such catastrophic data guy.
No more to say, we will continue to care much about and status of other members who were not be so severe. It can be reported that BTS is authorized to temporarily suspend its activity until they improve their health fans and spectators.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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