Trump to travel in the Chicagoland area

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Candidate Donald Trump is yet to do his last minute travels before next Tuesday's presidential election. Trump is set to visit Chicago and southern suburbs, such as Hinsdale, Northbrook, and Cicero.

Donald Trump is returning from his break after his last presidential debate against his presidential rival, Hillary Clinton. "I'm returning from my joyful break....., my private jet is set to land of one of the greatest cities in this country..." said Donald Trump, and when asked of how confident he was on next Tuesday's presidential election he added, "....Hillary Clinton has no chance against me....I'm not worried at all...".

The cities in which Trump will visit are getting ready to receive who might be our next U.S. president. Larry Dominick, Cicero Town President, says he opens his doors and is excited to meet Donald Trump, "...I can't wait for him to visit this town...yes, I'm sure the citizens of this town will receive him with open arms, will be a close vote among the citizens, but I wouldn't doubt that Donald Trump will receive many more votes here than Clinton".

Cicero citizen, Juan Guevara, answered when asked about his opinion of Donald Trump, "Oh yes, he's a really good person...he's been rough with some people but sometimes one has to be like this world nobody is perfect...they can only be great... that's why Donald Trump will make America great again... ". Another citizen, Giovanni Montalvo, when asked the same question said he will not respond to the question, he was busy taking a picture of the "beautiful moon". Citizen Martin Martinez schedule for an interview but seem to change opinion last minute and didn't show up for the interview.

To get an outsider voice in this post we asked Lyons citizen Alejandra Rodriguez about Donald's visit in her neighbor suburb and she responded, "...I don't really care if Donald Trump visits long as they don't close Ogden and Cicero Av. this Sunday I am happy...I make my weekly trip to La Michoacana Sunday afternoons...". As well we spotted her brother, Daniel Rodríguez, coming out the house but didn't wish to give an interview because, "No ahorita no...hoy es Jueves y ya voy tarde a la noche de borrachos a la casa de mi amigo..."

A citizen who did wish to give an interview, Alan Ibarra, was asked why did he think Donald Trump was visiting Chicago and he responded, " A mi no me engaña nadie...yo sé que ese nadamas viene a ver mis Cubs...VAMOS CUBS!, GAME 6!!!...". Due to people with this type of fever, two young men, Brandon and Chris, couldn't had an interview because they are to busy stocking Cubs apparel at the Sears they work in the North Riverside Park Mall.

Three other citizens who were up to have an interview but couldn't complete it due to health problems or other duties were Jesus Guevara, Luilli Left, and Ricky Montenegro. Citizen Jesus Guevara was up to an interview last week but couldn't talk during the interview because he had been removed eight wisdom teeth, which we don't get why he showed up for the interview. Citizen Luilli Left seemed to feel down and having a bad day due to not eating anything the whole day. Lastly, citizen Ricky Montenegro wasn't able to show up to the interview due to his Mandilon Session.

The other cities hasn't declare any comment on preparing to receive Donald Trump.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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