Betty White has passed away at 99 years old

A very beloved actress, Betty White has passed away at the age of 99 years old in her home. She was a pioneer of early television and she was the first woman to produce a sitcom. Betty White had a ...

Enter Zoom Dream Tonight!

This is just to prank you sir :) thanks for clicking onto the link. REPLY "Oh Dang" as proof that you saw this :) HAHA

Black Cat has a Green Thumb?!

Black Cats have been known for being bad luck to us for years. Maybe, they’re just closer with mother nature’s plants than us!

University of Kentucky Dining Hall "Champs" serves grilled gator after big win against Florida

Students peer pressure UK dining hall employees to make grilled gator. This is a better way to celebrate a huge victory than burning couches, so the University agreed.

A Random guy gameing and plays crim for 5h

He is such a Gamer he plays crim all day in god he has A disease called crim or prim prim is a bad BADD. Disease is burning all of the world and everyone is dieing Poor man still play crim but his ...

University of Kentucky football wins the 2021 National Football Championship

After the Cats big win against Florida, they have come on top out of every other team in the country. When faced against Alabama, one of the best teams in the nation, the Cats came on top and won t...

Nuevo pc Gamer ultra luzesitas te corre re bien pero no los juegos

Esta es una nueva pc gamer de gama alta que tiene ultra luzesitas y corre supero bien pero no los juegos Precio: 50,000 dolares y tu virginidad

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just announced his candidacy for President in 2024

October 5, 2021 Johnson submitted his name to the ballet

Cow from the University of Kentucky Beef unit lose on campus!

A cow that is used for a feed study form the UK Beef unit is now lose on campus after breaking a gate at the UK meats lab and is running through main campus.

Scientists' Research Proves That a Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming Our Way And Precautions Should Be Taken Immediately

"The day we've all dreaded but knew was coming. It's time, get ready" Dr. Wee, Harvard Disease Control Scientist, also states that human beings are now turning into zombies due to the new disease t...

After the $250K fine, UK Has Finally Announced They Will Be Giving Students Free Parking On Campus!

After defeating the dirty gators of Florida, students, player and WAKA stormed the field in victory. From this swarming, the school was fined $250K. After students hearing this news they made a pac...

Starbucks is Closing 500 Locations Due to Coffee Shortage.

After several of the worlds largest coffee bean farms were poisoned, a shortage of coffee has commenced. Stores do not have access to buying coffee beans, thus Starbucks is forced to close 500 loca...

New York state changes name to York

New York state has announced that they are in the process of changing their name. The state will now be called York. Experts are saying New Jersey may follow in their footsteps and become Jersey.

Ben Roethlisberger Steps Away From Football, Says "I'm No Good".

Big Ben is giving up his spot on the roster for anyone in the world to walk on and play because of his attrocious play this season leading to a 1-3 start for the Steelers.

Macon Georgia Man wins 2021 Lamborghini Aventador

Macon Bibb County: A Macon Man by the name Kay Jarrell has won a 2021 Lamborghini Aventador from a jackpot drawing that was issued by Atlanta Lamborghini in Sandy Springs Georgia. Mr. Jarrell was n...


Thanos snapped the teachers to dust no more school forever president joe Biden states that he's glad there's no school

We Back Bitch …BiG F U

The article has been highly anticipated lately….seeming that the author of the article team was formerly 0-3 but thankfully they beat Gresham park 48-0 to finally come up on a win and now he’s in t...

Toronto Rapper "Nayper" On the Run after allegedly Robbing 104 Banks

The Notorious Rapper Nayper is the most wanted person in the world after they traced his music and linked it to over 100 bank robberies. The robber got away with 45 million dollars in cash. He is k...

Explosion in der Wörterfabrik

Professor Wortwitz sucht neue Mitarbeite Worthausen. In der Nacht zu Dienstag kam es zu einer erheblichen Explosion im Sektor C der Wörterfab-rik in Worthausen. Ein Mitarbeiter der Wortmischabt...

Local west side teen knocked off the map tragic story

Local teen Joseph A***** also know as dirty rocket stick joe frm da o was talking out his neck so of course the pussy had to be put in his place and slanger stepper tim spent his block and had to t...


El día de hoy la feliz pareja de actores Perla Downey y Jacob Elordi da a conocer en redes sociales que se casaron con esta hermosa foto y esta frase "LOVE OF MY LIFE NOTHING AND NOBODY WILL SEPAR...

Gose e madhe. Arrestohet 22 vjecari

Policia e Kavajës ka mundur të arrestojë sot një person të shpallur në kërkim. I arrestuari është Alfi Disha, 22 vjeç, banues në fshatin Gosë e madhe (Kavajë). Ndalimi i tij u bë për veprën pe...

A380 colide com A320 em Paro, Sim Paro Butan

Esta tarde ocorreu o maior acidente da história da aviação comercial no Butão. Enquanto um avião retrocedia para o estacionamento taxiando na pista, um A380 gigante pousava, se um A380, seus olhos ...

Lily Halls face has been showed

Lily Hall,Addisons daughter has been posted. Lily was posted before but now we can see how she looks after 8 months. It was Easter and Lily,Bryce and Addison were celebrating Easter and then Addiso...

Blackpink En Armilla

Recientemente no hemos celebrado ningún día de festivo, pero ahora que lo hacemos queremos ver disfrutar a las BLINKS este Viernes. Sobre las 2.A.M de la noche podréis disfrutar de un hermoso conci...

Sammy Ronaldo and Selin Ronaldo sharing Throwback pics!

Sammy Ronaldo (8) and Selin Ronaldo (7) In a throwback picture, the eight year old Sammy and seven year old selin look so much like their famous dad!

Pranav Is Going to eat lunch

He says he wants yo eat lunch

La manuela que se ponga la vacuna piensa que esta protegida.

Cuenta la cienciología covidiana que los que se vacunan ya son super inmunes y les crece el pepino además.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Töchter Sammy (17) und Selin (16) werden gemobbt

Manchester United-Star Cristiano Ronaldo‘s (36) Töchter Samantha „Sammy“ Ronaldo (17) und Selin Ronaldo (16) werden auf Instagram heftig gemobbt. Viele behaupten sie seien nicht die Kids ihres V...

ENHYPEN Sunoo and Ni-ki has been reported dating!!


Abd 16 år Från hagfors slår ner 3 16 åriga män från Hagfors

Söndagen den 18 september i en liten stad som heter hagfors stötte abd på tre äldre män och slog ner dom alla

An Astroid Is Hitting Earth!

An Astroid Is Hitting Earth On Exactly On The 28th November 2021!

Seltsames Tier entdeckt

Dijnqwdocijnedocijseltsammes tier dwjfnieufhiwdjnc

Alarma de temblor en Bogota

Los residentes del sector estas semanas no logran concebir tranquilidad explica el vocero, "Desde que Camila alias la toxica ha estado en el barrio no podemos descansar" su resuello vibra y con con...

En las piernas de valentin

Es la mejor solución que puedes tomar!

Aliens proven false by Nasa scientists!, whole world blown away with this terrifying revelation!

Thats right you heard me!, Aliens , Dinosaurs and Entities alike are all false Scientists proved! Jim Green 2021/05/01 "One day.. I went to the movies and watched Jurassic World 2, all of the din...

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