Wallex Guimarães, the Bahian Führer who is the reincarnation of Hitler, is seriously ill and another plot twist!

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Wallex Guimarães, the Bahian Führer who is the reincarnation of Hitler, is seriously ill and another plot twist!

Wallex Guimarães, the Bahian Führer who is the reincarnation of Hitler, is seriously ill and another plot twist!


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August 6, 2022


Marcus Pessoa

A few years ago, a boy named Wallex Guimarães appeared on the internet and quickly became a political meme. The black boy declared himself the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. This divided the internet and had those who took the rope with him wishing all the evil in the world.

Wallex Guimarães was a walking meme with his thin mustache, hair slicked to the side, uniform of an imaginary army and a paranoid and nationalist speech, the perfect automeme.

Over time, Wallex appeared and returned to Facebook, always more active, making warm speeches and calling himself a pre-candidate for councilor in Canavieiras, southern Bahia.

Wallex's eccentricities led him to be nationally known as Wallex, the Bahian Führer, a clear reference to Germany's segregationist regime in World War II, but he was never assumed to be such, his doctrine, time disconnected, time paranoid, became to be called Wallexianism, by the internet meme youth.


His story from 2019 to 2022 is full of Plot twist. A plot twist is a radical change in the expected or anticipated plot direction of a novel, film, television series, comic book, video game, or other narrative work. It's a practice often used to keep the public's interest in the work, to usually surprise them with a surprise revelation.

Meet Wallex Guimarães, the Bahian Führer

Plot twist 1 – Wallex Guimarães is very sick

In January 2020, a boy identified as Rafael Alves, from the city of Barreiras - BA, who usually exchanged ideas with Wallax, decided to start a conversation to find out where he was and how he was after all this time and to his surprise, who ended up answering was the boy's father, a gentleman identified as Cássio Santos Guimarães, his father.

According to Raphael, Mr. Cássio told him that Wallex is a good boy, but he suffers from psychiatric problems and uses continuous medication, and when the humble family cannot buy the medication, he goes into a slump and unfortunately at that moment when we laugh a lot on the internet, he was in a psychotic break.

His father also said that at that time he would have left home for Porto Seguro - BA to go to relatives' house and that when he got there, he was in an outbreak. So, as the father didn't have the money to pick him up, he ended up asking Rafael for money to help pick up his son and treat him.

Rafael then felt touched and decided to get together with some friends and later came the idea of ​​Vakinha Online, because Wallex is his favorite meme, gave him good laughs, and felt with a moral obligation to help him.

Vakinha online intended to raise BRL 1,500.00, but did not obtain more than BRL 75 reais over these 2 years. The father even sent the photos of the medical prescription to prove that they were his son's prescriptions. The photos follow below.


Wallex Guimarães' father asking for medicine

Wallex Guimarães is very sick and this is the Special Control Recipe

Wallex Guimarães recipe

Below is a print of Vakinha's screen.

Reproduction: https://www.vakinha.com.br/vaquinha/ajuda-para-wallex-guimaraes

Plot twist 2 – Father Killer?

In April 2020, news came out from the city of Canavieiras - BA, the same city as Wallex, that a man identified as Cássio Santos Guimarães (same name as Wallex's father) and Sidineia Santos Cardoso, aka Linda, both killed a woman aged 46 years. with 03 firearm shots and stole a television to exchange for drugs.

The television was found in the woman's home. They had fled after audio circulated on social media groups in the city. However, the police continued the search and located the woman hiding in a shack at km 18, just outside the city. The man was arrested in São João do Paraíso, municipality of Mascote, with the support of the PM and local PC when he tried to deceive the police by providing a false name. All involved have a history of drug use and petty theft.

Now is it Wallex's father or just a sad coincidence of namesakes? Homonyms are those that have exactly the same name, considering the first and last name. In Brazil, this is a very common situation, as there are extremely common names, such as João and Maria, which are repeated in all parts of the country.

Source: http://www.blogpaulojose.com.br/2020/04/canavieirasacusada-de-latrociniodupla-e.html

Back processes

Looking deeper into the legal part of Wallex's name. It is possible to see that since his adolescence he has had passages through justice, that is, since he was a minor. The most recent one places him as a defendant and witness in a case of the Police Station. Is he a witness for the Father? The question remains.


This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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