It was found a secret book of Stephen Hawking talking about post-physical aliens and post-physical lifeforms

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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It was found a secret book of Stephen Hawking talking about post-physical aliens and post-physical lifeforms

Today was found a secret 150 pages book wrote by Stephen Hawking in the 1980's talking about post-physical aliens and post-physical lifeforms.

The book is considered very shocking for everyone, since he wrote several well made arguments and hypothesis related to post-physical aliens and post-physical lifeforms. The book itself is now considered a big discovery for everyone who knew Stephen Hawking, since in this book he wrote about the possibility that the so called "gods" and "spiritual beings" are actually post-physical aliens and even that God is a post-physical alien or a post-physical consciousness.

The book also writes about some of the means that how could a physical species become a post-physical species, as well as how could humanity itself become a post-physical species, and even how could humans search for post-physical lifeforms and for multiverses and other dimensions.

The book shocked a lot of people, but still, most of his fans considered the book a relic and one of his most amazing books he wrote.

The book is in English and it is called "Permanent Mystery" and in the book the author talks about several theories and concepts about the possibility of post-physical lifeforms, that is a lifeform that had physical life before, but somehow it managed to overcome physics and become post-physical.

This book is one of Stephen Hawking's most well known books and it makes sense that it wasn't found before, since he wrote it in the 1980's and even now the book is considered to be a big discovery. And one of the reasons was probably because the possibility that his book would be massively criticized and rejected by scientists, but what we see is that his book became popular and got support of a considerable number of scientists.

Despite being a hardline atheist over his life, this book shows that he wasn't that completely atheist, since there are parts of "Permanent Mystery" that shows out there might have a God or even billions and infinite numbers of gods and spiritual beings that are post-physical lifeforms and that exist in other dimensions and worlds, but it's nearly impossible to know about that, and that one day, all humans and living beings will become like them, whatever if it's by technological means, spiritual means or even death itself. And he even wrote that there might have an afterlife and even a lot of universes, worlds and dimensions out there, but our scientific knowledge is very limited to the physical and we would need or becoming post-physical or developing post-physical means to study about them.

Maybe one the reasons he didn't publish this book was because his extreme atheism and his fear of being considered as pretending to be an atheist over his life, or simply because his fear of be rejected, but anyway, this book is considered a big discovery that might change a lot how people see Stephen Hawking nowadays.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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