10 Skins Coming to Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 7

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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10 Skins Coming to Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 7

Article is wrote by Alexi King.

Do you want to knows of new skins coming to Fortnite next season? This is exact article for you! Here are 10 skins coming to season 2 chapter 6.

1. Agent Stones

We all know and love the Agent Jones skin Fortnite, but in Season 2 Chapter 5, a skin backpack was added in the Snakes and Stones bundle pack named Agent Stones, showing the head of the beloved Jonesy turned into stone. Now there are rumors of a skin version coming to the game soon.

2. Aerial Assault Two

Everyone remembers when you would buy the Aerial Assault One Glider in the Season 1 Shop. Now, it feels like a new skin themed around the glider is coming to the game in the next season, fittingly named Aerial Assault Two. Leakers like HIPEX and iFireMonkey have data mind a full set for Aerial Assault Two, set to release next month in season 2 chapter 7

3. Toon Fishtick

In season 2 chapter 6, a skin outfit named Toon Meowsicles was added to the game file. Leakers were unable to find out that a Toon Legend bundle pack would release in season 2 chapter 6, but it never came to the shops. Now rumors are cer ulating saying that Toon Legend will be release on season 7 release day, contains Toon Meowsicles and a new Toon Fishtick skin and a Toon Peel skin too.

4. Loki

This one is no brainer! In loading screen The New Team, we can see a shadow character in the background. They horns is looks like Loki from Loki TV show, starting on Disney+ one day after season 2 chapter 7!!! This makes leakers find out Loki will be in Battle Pass in next season

5. The Foundation

This one is close. Foundation is the boss of the mystery group called Seven. This group is thought to be the one who set season 10 to end in 2017 with the black hole event. He will be level 100 skin of the battle pass in next season, coming with a detachable cape and animated face. Will you buy skin Foundation? It is going to be 1500.

6. Armor Batman Zero Point

Ever since 2021 begin, a comic series named Batman Zero Point has come out to give us a DC comics spinoff of a Fortnite story. epic games has been given us skins based in the story of the comics, like Reborn Harly Quinn and Deathstroke Zero. Next month on July 7, we will see a Armor Batman skin come to the shop for 2000 v bucks.

7. Orelia

In fortnite npc character name orelia is on an island south of misty meadows. This NPC helps you unlock golden lara craft skin if you have battle pass and lara craft skin equiped. Leakers have said that orelia will be in shop in season 2 chapter 7, because of her having an item shop tag. she will be sell for 2000 v bucks and will be sell with oro?

8. Tart Tycoon

in July 2020, fortnite added a new way to pay v bucks. apple didn't like this method and banned fortnite. fortnite then sued apple for creating monopoly on app store. to promote the court case, known by freefortnite, they make skin named Tart Tycoon. it is yet to release to shop, but was part of a freefortnite cup in august 2020. leakers have finally found out that the skin, which is in a suit with an apple for a head, might finally release in season 2 chapter 7.

9. Shadow Ripley

In season 2 chapter 1, a skin called Ripley v Sludge was added in the battle pass. Lots of people liked the skin, but people who could not buy it in time are in luck, because a new version of the skin releases in season 2 chapter 7. it is said to be a shadow series version of Ripley, coming in bundle called shadow Slurp bundle pack, along side 600 vbucks, a pickaxe and a wrap. It is said by leakers to cost $4.99.

10. Alien Assault Trooper

Coming full circle for the list, we are talking about the Alien Assault Trooper skin, who will be coming in season 2 chapter 7 item shops, as your typical aliens skin. It will be a version of Aerial Assault Trooper (who has similar name to Aerial Assault Two), that is an Alien instead of a version of the hawk skin. It is set to be in shops as 1250 v bucks.

Will you buy any skin on this list when release next season? Know of more skin in next season? Let us know by sending feedback to us

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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