Freya who is an Impulsive manipulating liar

Tuesday 20 April 43117 Shares

Freya who is an Impulsive manipulating liar

Freya ages 32 had recently trapped man age 19 years of age . She claimed she was pregnant with his child but had no proof to show .
Family off son had believed her lies until the day of her scan . 19 year old went into the scan room with Freya and their wasn’t anything on the scan . He was asked to leave the room . Once Freya left the hospital she told 19 year old she is pregnant with twins and one is dead and the other is small . On Wednesday she decided to get blazing and use words I have a dead baby hanging out of my arse . Stay clear of this woman . She claims she has been abused by this boy . Just for sympathy . The truth will come out . This isn’t something to joke about

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