Blackpink Rosé and Bts Jimin confirm Dating

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Blackpink Rosé and Bts Jimin confirm Dating

Blackpink's company (Yg Entertainment) release a statement in twitter saying Blackpink Rosé and Jimin is dating, they also mention that Jimin and Rosé have been together since August 2020. Jimin and Rosé Have been secretly seeing each other the past months.

The company of Blackpink and Bts (Yg and HYBE) decided to talk about the private relationship of the two and Finally reveal it. The members of bts and blackpink is happy about the relationship of the two.
Rosé also posted a statement saying "please support me and Jiminie's relationship." And Rosé also posted a Picture of Jimin and Her. (The picture is below)

For more infos click here: https/btsjiminandrosédating/

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