Fandom is set to shut down

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Fandom is  set to shut down

Note: The information mentioned in this article is not a hoax, or untrue.

American wiki hosting service and company Fandom, formerly Wikia, have announced that they are shutting down on 24 July 2021 due to members of the community telling editors to move on from communities they like editing, and due to the fact the company were not receiving enough money to pay their bills. Even though editors heard about the announcement, the company told them they were sorry, but they had no choice but to make the decision due to the financial situation and editors being blocked for not moving on from editing communities, which the editors thought would be a bad idea, leading founder Jimmy Wales to make the decision of closing and discontinuing the community and company altogether. He said that vandalism on other communities related to the company was not being dealt with by the Spam Obliteration and Prevention team. Wales stated that the company would restart the community, or continue some time in the future, but he said that there could be a 24 percent chance of it happening. He confirmed that if the community does not continue in the future, it will remain permanently shut down.

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