5 reasons why investments think that FORTNITE is bad.

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5 reasons why investments think that FORTNITE is bad.

Fortnite is a game where you can shoot the people and win! You may buy some emotes or skins in the game with V-Bucks! The investors say that they don't like Fortnite and its violent but here is why investments think Fortnite is bad.

1. It's too violent. Now the game is a shooting game but not good for kids under 7 yrs old.

2. It sometimes bans you for stupid reasons. The game has a banning system like roblox but, they give BAD reasons or stupid reasons when their innocent when they get banned.

3.Too many kids are addicted to it. The kids over 7 says this "I love this game, I play it on my PS5 everyday, hehehe. But the game makes them addict because there are no parental controls.

4. They don't have a 2nd in game currency. The microtransactions are pretty bad in the game but the investments for example Roblox said "They should have a 2nd in game currency called F-Points." They are true.

5. They are not nice in game when they kill you in game. A parent named Addison said that his boy was very toxic whilst playing Fortnite and he rage quitted, why? Because his friends killed him in game.

Now these are the Reasons why Fortnite is the worst!

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