Melanie Martinez comes out as lesbian?

Saturday 08 May 2059 25529 Shares

Melanie Martinez comes out as lesbian?

The 25-year-old American singer, Melanie Adele Martinez has come out as lesbian this evening on Twitter. She said, "All of these years I haven't been honest with you guys. I thought I was bisexual but I have lost interest in boys as of a romantic partner. Therefore, I am coming out to you guys as Lesbian!" Everyone supported her! A few days later she revealed her girlfriend, everyone was in shock that she had a girlfriend. She later revealed her girlfriend's name her name is Jacqueline Molina most people knew her as Martinez's best friend. Molina was featured in Martinez's The Bakery Music Video. Everyone in the comments were surprised and shocked but they supported her. A majority of the people said that they ship Molina and Martinez.

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