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The Secure Containment Procedures Foundation, abbreviated SCP Foundation, is an organization dedicated to the apprehension and containment of anomalies, ranging from creatures to objects, locations, and events, known as "SCPs". The organization is dedicated to the understanding and imprisonment of these anomalies, whether they be evil, good, neutral, etc.

The Foundation captures and contains all abnormal occurrences, be they threatening or not. Every SCP is experimented upon, and tests are conducted on them on a daily basis.
The exact of the SCP Foundation's founding is unknown, but over there years there have been many myths over the years, involving everything from the Angel who guarded the Garden of Eden to a supernatural post-Civil War Factory. The true origin will likely remain hidden forever, but it was known that Foundation was operating already in the 19th Century and was a powerful organization on the world stage by 20th Century, being acknowledged by both the Anomalous community and most national Governments

After World War I, the Foundation created a special Task Force known only as the "Insurgency", which would perform more the more questionable tasks of the Foundation. This Task force would be deployed in 1925.

The Foundation took part in the Seventh Occult War (which ran concurrently with World War II), and while its role in the war was not known, it is presumed they were fighting the Thule Society and Ahnenerbe Obskurakorp, who tried to perform the "Rite of Solomon". Eventually, the war ended, and the Foundation continued to its normal duties of containing.

The Global Occult Coalition was formed since the governments of the world wanted a force against the anomalous that they could control, but the Foundation still continued to work with them.

In 1948 the Insurgency went actually A.W.O.L. and rose up against the Foundation, obtaining several with several SCP's in the process, and renaming themselves the Chaos Insurgency.

In the course of the 20th Century, the Foundation came across thousands of anomalies, making the best in containing them, as well as coming in contact with several rival and enemy factions.

In the 1950s to 1980s, the Foundation would also discover to the reemergence of Sarkicism, with devastating anomalies in Europe like SCP-610 and SCP-2191-3, as well as cults like Adytum's Wake and The Hunter's Black Lodge spreading their influence.

The Foundation would also discover several anomalies tied to an ancient eldritch being, for which they would have to perform some of it's more questionable procedures.

In 2007 the Foundation would discover Anderson Robotics, a corporation that develops advanced androids and artificial intelligences, who used advanced fly-like drones to spy on the Foundation.

Despite the emergence of these things, the Foundation has been able not to pursue its mission statement without breaking the status quo too much.

Edit: This Is Not A Prank
This The Truth.
Don't Believe me here's the scp foundation phone number:
When Calling The scp foundation
report something like you seen aliens or dumb stuff like that.
One youtuber named mkp studious called the scp foundation and alot of scary stuff happened
like the scp foundation hid small cameras in his house, and also broken into his house.Not to mention actually going to his house.And another incident was when the scp foundation saw mkp studious video and they threatened to delete his youtube video and could possibly his youtube channel.
The scp foundation has been for real for 100 years.
And you wanna know how.
Well STUPID it's called hiding in plain sight.
The scp foundation is funded by all world governments and is for extra military and etc.
In 2008 the scp foundation creepypasta thing was published claiming that the scp foundation is fake and fictional.
When in reality it's been real the whole time.
And people like Billschannel need duckduckgo because google tracks everything you do, and his research is jack poop.When I do research i use duckduckgo and tor bowser.
The scp foundation is real and will always be.

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