'Descendants 4' finally got reviled in a interesting way...

Tuesday 11 August 54262 Shares

'Descendants 4' finally got reviled in a interesting way...

Today is a great day to be a 'Descendants' Fan!! During the premiere of Disney Channel's 'Upside Down Magic' on Friday, there was something hidden in the commercials. It only showed up for some people's tv signals but there was a special hidden teaser for 'DESCENDANTS 4'. They reviled that the film was already filmed last year before Cameron Boyce passed away. They showed a shocking clip of the behind-the-scenes.

The teaser was very private and only a few people know that 'D4' is happening!

The clip is a very cute clip of the cast behind the scenes hugging while a big logo reading "D4 on July 30th 2021". Dove Caneron explained the situation on her social media. She said that it was supposed to be a surprise and it was a mistake for Disney Channel to air the clip.